Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warrior Friends

Every Sunday at 10 am at Hot Yoga on 20th, Keira and Finnegan help me out teaching a family yoga class.

It's for children ages 3-7 with their parent/guardian to have fun learning yoga poses in an interactive way. It's a karma class so all donations go directly to charity ($5 minimum suggested donation per family). For the next couple of months, donations will be given to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. This is to help fundraise with my friends Crystal and Darcy who will be running a marathon in April to raise awareness and support for the LLS through Team in Training.

This past Sunday, likely due to the huge snowfall from the night before, unfortunately no one showed up for the family yoga class. That has never stopped us however, as Finnegan and Keira are little yogis who always like to have fun!

Two Down Dogs - I use books, yoga cards, and games to encourage kids (and adults) in the class to try out different poses with the emphasis always on having fun.

Lizard on a Rock - We tried out a lot of the 'partner poses' from the Yoga Pretzel cards. These are really fun cards with lots of great poses for kids of all ages.

Two Boats (I was pretty amazed that they could balance for this one!)

Finnegan - Shark Pose

Keira -Shark Pose

What does a gorilla look like?

Is that a girl or a turtle?

Bridge Pose

I just love this one of Keira in tree pose.

Big brother demonstrating tree pose as well.

And of course some just plain silliness!

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