Friday, September 16, 2011

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary 2012 Calendar

Back in July, the Hot Yoga on 20th newsletter had a link to a photo contest for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. On the last day before entries were due our family went into the backyard and had some fun with some yoga poses along with Ollie (that dog has the most amazing downward and upward dogs!). We just learned that one of our submissions was selected for the 2012 calendar - whoo hoo!!! Here's the winning photo.

Here are a few others from that day...

Finnegan showing Ollie his downdog.

Both Ollie and Finnegan doing some pretty nice cobras.

My attempt at a bridge.

Tree pose - Ollie wasn't too interested in this one.

Keira's Warrior II

Keira's Star Pose

I'm not sure this one has a name (maybe jelly legs) - good fun whatever you call it!

Check out the full Ladybird Animal Sanctuary calendar when it become available.

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