Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Power of Movement Yoga Challenge

I've registered for the Power of Movement; the largest yoga fundraiser in Canada raising funds for arthritis research! Anyone can do yoga, so why not do it for a good cause to beat arthritis and autoimmune conditions? On Sunday February 27th thousands of Canadians across the country in twelve major cities will come together to practice yoga in their communities. You can also join in online through a virtual challenge.

In Saskatoon, the yoga Mega Session will be held at the Albert Community Centre at 11 am and will be lead by Jan Henrikson, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor.

If you'd like to register to attend this session you can sign up online, or if you'd like to make a pledge for this event please visit my personal page and support my challenge!

Arthritis is a misunderstood disease. It is not just a condition that the elderly are affected by; arthritis and related autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis affect people of all ages, even kids. There are over 4.2 million Canadians who need our support!

For more information about Power of Movement visit

Happy Valentine's Day sure can't beat a chocolate cupcake with a great big heart on it for Valentine's Day - except perhaps the homemade cards with hearts and "I love you mom" from your kids!

That Boy Can Dance!

On Saturday evening Finnegan danced his first Ukrainian dance performance. He and the other children were doing their Hutzul dance.

Unfortunately I was standing behind as they were practicing so mostly took a lot of pictures of his back.

Keira was quite impressed by all the young dancers. They did look spectacular in the lovely costumes.

Here's a fun one of Finnegan (missing a tooth but with an amazing grin nonetheless) and his pretty partner.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I See From My Bicycle

On Friday I needed to take the yuba to work to haul home some dog food. Earlier in the week I had bought a 35 lb bag from the WCVM but needed to wait for a day when Tim wouldn't be going out with the kids to any activities so that I could use the ultimate hauling bicycle to get the bag home.

I finally got a battery charged and found a memory card for my camera and figured that I really should start carrying it with me to capture any moments that I see by bike. The past few days the sunrises and sunsets had been amazing, and it has left me always thinking, "I should have had a camera with me!" So no more excuses!. The kids and Tim even saw an eagle the other night on their way to violin group lesson.

There were a bunch of mallard ducks on the water Friday morning, plus the sky was amazing. Here are a few shots from my morning ride to work.

The trail along the river is such an excellent way to travel from our house to the University by bike or by walking.

Man, those ducks must be cold!!!

My return ride was not as enjoyable due to hauling all that dog food - the bike being a little lope-sided and harder to maneuver. I had a near wipeout just under the bridge because I didn't have the required momentum nor leg strength to get up the hill and started slipping back on the icy path. I had a few moments of panic that seemed more like minutes as I tried just to keep upright and prevent sliding back down the hill. Luckily I managed to shimmy over to the side of the path and get off the bike and then was able to push it to the top of the path and then carry on my merry way home!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

For some reason I had the Cure's Hot Hot Hot stuck in my head as I walked to Hot Yoga on 20th this evening.

Hey hey hey!!!
But I like it when that lightening comes
Hey hey hey!!!
Yes I like it alot
Hey hey hey!!!
Yes I'm jumping like a jumping jack
Dancing screaming itching squealing fevered
Feeling hot hot hot!!!

I bet I could even find the cassette tape somewhere in a box upstairs!

I received this photo today of the group of us who completed teacher training with Dallas in the fall. Check out the Hot Yoga on 20th schedule and come feel hot, hot, hot!

Come in from the cold and enjoy the heat

I taught my 3rd hot yoga class at Hot Yoga on 20th this past Tuesday. Still very new to teaching the class, there were a few bobbles here and there and a couple moments where I had to actually pause and think to myself "What the heck comes next!" but all in all I thought it went well and it's good fun. It was fabulous to see Curtis and Janelle practicing yoga together on their anniversary!

Where else can you go from freezing at -30oC to enjoying a yoga practice at +38oC?
Only in Saskatchewan!!

Ice Cycle 2011

This past Sunday, we participated in the 2nd Annual Ice Cycle - the coldest bicycle parade on the planet. We started at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market and toured through downtown ending back at the market. About 200+ riders showed up on a day that was -42oC with the windchill! It was fabulous to see all the cyclists out, especially those who dressed up!

As part of the PotashCorp Wintershines Saskatoon there were all sorts of amazing ice sculptures on display. Finnegan and Keira particularly liked the ice fort with slide!

Tim and the kids were on the yuba and I was on my trusty 18-year-old Rocky Mountain! Thanks to 'Wayne' who posted this photo on The Weather Network.

Since we had to scurry off to Irish dance class right after the ride, we unfortunately had to wait until later to have some hot chocolate at home rather than enjoying it with the other cyclists after the parade.

The sense of community was great amongst all the cyclists, especially given the cold temperature and wind. I was also really impressed that the coordinators had worked with the City Police and so every intersection throughout the route had a police officer stationed to stop and conduct traffic to allow all the riders to travel as one unit for the parade. To me it seemed like a city sanctioned critical mass - though I guess the fact that it was referred to as a "parade" is what makes the difference? Whatever you want to call it, it was great fun and I'm sure no matter the weather next year, our family will be cycling in the 2012 Ice Cycle!

Check out a video from the 1st Annual Ice Cycle and more photos from this year's event will be posted on Tim's Bike Blog soon. Our friend Don Cook put together this great video of the ride - enjoy!