Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eagle along the River

The other day on the way to work there was a bald eagle flying along the river just in front of the Bessborough. I stopped and watched for a few mintues (I was late anyway). Tim and the kids had seen an eagle (I'm guessing the same one) a few days ago when travelling to one of their activities. I kicked myself for not having my camera with me.

Yesterday, I got back in touch with a friend I knew in Windsor (probably close to 20 years ago now - wow when it's dated like that it seems crazy!). He asked if I was still into photography. I like taking photos but never seem to have my camera with me - something is amiss there. Most photos I do take are of the kids and their activities and such. So I made the point of at least putting my camera in my pannier this morning so I would have it available if the inspiration arose. There are often so many nice sunrises, sunsets, ducks on the water, EAGLES, lots of interesting views on the way to and from work. There's no reason why some of those images can't be captured and posted here.

Of course, today the eagle was not to be spotted. This morning the temperature was about -25C with the windchill, so my hands complained quickly about being exposed to the cold to snap a few shots. Still I enjoyed the moment to capture these couple of photos. I always find the water with its reflections along the river lovely. Pretty nice view to have on the bike ride to the University. Thanks Rick - these ones are for you!

Ice Cycle 2012

On Sunday February 5, 2012 was the 3rd annual Ice Cycle in Saskatoon.

Tim already posted some photos on his bike blog - you can check them out here.

The weather for the previous two bike parades was really cold but this year it was super nice, maybe -5C or so. Sure beats -4oC! Not warm enough for wearing shorts like one guy I know, but I wasn't wearing my snow pants so you know it must have been warm!

We started off at the Farmer's Market then went up 19th Street...

along Spadina...

past the Bessborough Hotel....

up to 22nd, then to 4th Avenue (map of parade)

and ended up back at the market.

Here's a friend with his bike-mobile that was carrying three young children in the parade.

In the background you can see the climbing structure that was set up for kids to try. Last year ice climbing demos had been set up but alas with the warm weather this February, it would have been more like a waterfall. There was also a huge ice castle complete with slide for kids to enjoy.

Our happy cyclists after the parade were heading across the river for their Irish dance class and I went in the other direction to lead a karma yoga class at Namaskar Yoga in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Team in Training).