Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I See From My Bicycle

On Friday I needed to take the yuba to work to haul home some dog food. Earlier in the week I had bought a 35 lb bag from the WCVM but needed to wait for a day when Tim wouldn't be going out with the kids to any activities so that I could use the ultimate hauling bicycle to get the bag home.

I finally got a battery charged and found a memory card for my camera and figured that I really should start carrying it with me to capture any moments that I see by bike. The past few days the sunrises and sunsets had been amazing, and it has left me always thinking, "I should have had a camera with me!" So no more excuses!. The kids and Tim even saw an eagle the other night on their way to violin group lesson.

There were a bunch of mallard ducks on the water Friday morning, plus the sky was amazing. Here are a few shots from my morning ride to work.

The trail along the river is such an excellent way to travel from our house to the University by bike or by walking.

Man, those ducks must be cold!!!

My return ride was not as enjoyable due to hauling all that dog food - the bike being a little lope-sided and harder to maneuver. I had a near wipeout just under the bridge because I didn't have the required momentum nor leg strength to get up the hill and started slipping back on the icy path. I had a few moments of panic that seemed more like minutes as I tried just to keep upright and prevent sliding back down the hill. Luckily I managed to shimmy over to the side of the path and get off the bike and then was able to push it to the top of the path and then carry on my merry way home!

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