Sunday, January 15, 2012

Irish dancing must be in their genes

Here are a few photos from the Queen Maeve School of Irish Dance winter performance in December. Fortunately this year there was hardly any snow and the temperature was pretty good, so even though we biked to the school again, we didn't have to thaw out a couple of kidsicles like we did last year before they started dancing!

One of the tiniest girls in the class, Keira really enjoys the Irish dancing (she's the one with the long pony tail on the right side).

And Finnegan - boy can that kid dance! I haven't seen him practice for some time and it was truly amazing (OK I'm also pretty biased) but it seemed that many of the girls where watching him to know what steps to do (he's the only boy in that class) and near the end of the show, he was up there taking part in one of the dances with all the adults and he sure could keep up well and knew all the steps and where he was supposed to be dancing.

Everyone on stage for their final bows.

The winter Irish Dance performance was a certainly a fun event, watching Margie, Finnegan, Keira and Sophia dancing their skip-two-threes.

Definitely happy to be with my little dancers!

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