Thursday, January 26, 2012

Suzuki Strings Winter Concert

On Sunday, the kids played their violins in the Saskatoon Suzuki Strings winter concert.
Luckily the weather was really nice and the bike ride across town was definitely not as bad as it could have been - especially for mid-January in Saskatchewan!

The beginner cellos and violins went first.

These little children have only just begun playing the violin since September.

Good patience is needed while either the cellos or violins take their turn.

I love the sound of the cellos. Unfortunately the shear size seems a little more problematic for a family that travels bike bike. Tim reminds me that one of the Suzuki cello teachers lives just across the river. For the time being, I think the kids will stick with the violins - definitely a more portable instrument!

The group starts with the more advanced songs and then gradually more and more kids are standing up playing the music.

I think the group lessons and the opportunity to play together at these concerts is a great experience for the children.

Keira joined in for the final 6 or so songs.

And for the last few violin songs, everyone was up playing the 'twinkles'.

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