Monday, April 25, 2011

Big 4-0

So on Thursday last week I hit the big "4-0". I had an awesome day - thanks to Tim and the kids, family and friends.

I took the day off work, so you know it's off to a good start! That and I received two super new paintings to hang up at work.

Finnegan's is a water dragon.

Keira painted the Firebird's crown.

I went to the morning class at Hot Yoga on 20th and had an excellent class (especially since I haven't actually practiced in about 3 weeks!). It was the first time in over a year that I was actually able to sit down in fixed firm pose (albeit still pretty uncomfortable). I'll have to thank Dallas for the sore abs and I do wonder if others sometimes feel the effects the next morning from the classes that I teach? When I had been regularly practicing, I was always feeling great the next day but for about two days after my birthday I sure felt the areas that have not been worked lately!

After lunch, the four of us headed to the Saskatoon Zoo. It's a pretty small place by zoo standards but I like the fact that most of the animals that are housed there are either orphans or are wildlife that have been injured. There are some non-native animals (like the lions!) but for the most part many of the animals are fairly regional.

All along the paths set up for Earth Day were questions about the environment and saving energy. Finnegan read them to us as we visited the animals.

The kids had a good laugh from this swan that was bobbing for something tasty at the bottom of the pond.

Lots of new babies out at this time of year.

We had dinner at Alexander's and then headed home for cupcakes to share with Tim's parents who were supposed to be coming over at 6:30 pm to join us. Originally the plan had been for Tim and I to go out to a movie but with his folks in the process of moving that idea had been cancelled as they were pretty busy (and tired) with the move.

When we arrived home, Keira announced that she "Really had to go pee" so that I would quickly take her into the house. I had a moment's panic as our door was not locked and the alarm didn't seem to be on. Moments later I realized that our house was full of friend's waiting for our arrival with a big surprise party!

Truly a great surprise and I'm so glad that many people stopped by with their birthday wishes and to share the cupcakes and ice cream. We had the best birthday cupcakes you could imagine!

And a pretty nice Bicycle Smile birthday t-shirt too! So far not much different being 40. A few more gray hairs perhaps but nothing that I quick (well 3 hour) trip to Sunday Morning Spa and Salon couldn't fix. Yes - that is purple you see and my daughter didn't paint it on with cool-aid!