Monday, April 25, 2011

Bikes in Chicago

So I've been a little slack in getting these photos posted. I should probably just load all the photos from my trip to Chicago up on Facebook where more friends would likely see and enjoy but somehow thought this would be the venue.

So here they from my trip to Chicago last month! I just snapped a few pictures here and there whenever bikes were parked in placed that I visited. I am sure my mom thought I was nuts.

For all the bike geeks out there....enjoy!

I loved these bikes by the National Autism week. I had just seen the movie "Temple Grandin" with Claire Danes - which was an amazing movie about Temple's life.

So much traffic - vehicles and people.

It was pretty neat by this one subway there were lots of racks so that you could ride your bike to the station and then lock it up and travel via subway to wherever you needed to go then pick up your bike and ride home at the end of the day.

This was at the entrance to the subway in the Wicker Park area.

I stopped by Kozy Cycles which is one of Chicago's largest bike shops.

Tim had previously looked it up and knew that they had a sale on some of their winter gear, so I picked up a Pearl Izumi hoody for a good deal.

These are obviously not bikes but I thought they were pretty shiny and worth a click.

During the summer I image that this Navy Pier area is just full of locals and tourists. There seem to be quite a few bike rental places available which would have been fun if we had had a few more days to actually toodle around town more.

Again, not a bike but it was cool to see the four legged traffic.

Bright lights - big city!

I quite liked this bike and the photo.

In case you can't quite read the sign across the street - condos are selling starting at $1.4 million.