Monday, April 25, 2011

Fluevog Shoes Chicago

On the weekend that I was sightseeing in Chicago with my mom, after the IACUC conference, we went spent most of one day strolling around the Wicker Park area and then going downtown to walk the Magnificent Mile and along the Navy Pier.

Along the way, it was a pleasant surprise to come across Chicago's Fluevog shop. While it wasn't on my "must get there and check it out list" of things to do, it was most definitely a fun place to visit.

Crazy tourist that I was, they didn't mind me taking a few photos to post here.

The store was amazing. As I recall it was an old theatre that had been renovated for the shoe store.
And of course, the shoes were truly awesome - unique soles for unique souls.

I did try on a few pairs but unfortunately nothing fit as well as my Angel's at home to temp me to buy anything that day.

If I had actually won the "No, You're Weird Contest" then I certainly could have been persuaded!

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