Monday, April 25, 2011

Lincoln Park Zoo

While sight seeing in Chicago last month, my mom and I spent the better part of a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

It's a great place and even better that admission is free (I'm still not quite sure how they manage to function without I guess major sponsors or subsidies from the City?)

Here are are a number of photos from the trip to the zoo.

This guy was really interested in the birds in the trees.

The otter was soooo fast! I took probably over 30+ photos and this was probably the best of the bunch though still pretty blurry.

A lot of great sculptures throughout the park.

The Children's area had this fantastic climbing structure indoors. I'm sure Finnegan and Keira would have had a blast on it.

This silver back ape weighs in at over 400 lbs.

Finnegan's favourite animal (at the moment) is the rhino.

Flowers - lots of beautiful flowers in the conservatory.

I promise I did take some more pictures of animals. I love photographing flowers because unlike the animals they don't move (except on really windy days) so they are so much easier to capture.

Can you tell that I liked these particular water lilies?

OK back to the animals now!

The tail end of the polar bear was all we were able to see.

I think these were African Wild Dogs - what amazing coat colouring the have!

All in all a great day at the Lincoln Park Zoo!

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