Monday, March 7, 2011

The Path is Clear

While the -36oC with the windchill is still downright cold for cycling, at least most of the trails were clear this morning, as I headed to work. I went up and around by the Farmer's since the paths near our house were still not ridable and then back to the Meewasin Trail. Coming home this evening, the 'force' must have been with me as the ride was smooth sailing (still cold!) but the paths were completely clear all the way through Victoria park. This winter, the City has been really good about clearing the paths within 1-2 days after a snowfall so biking (while still very you get the sense I'm quite sick of winter) has been pretty good. It has taken a good week however for the paths to be cleared after our last snowfall. When the paths aren't clear it's almost impossible I find to travel by bike; so I really noticed it this past week when that white stuff didn't get plowed away in a timely fashion.

I can vividly remember arriving in Saskatoon back in 1995, the last week in April, waking up, looking out the window of the hostel and seeing the snow falling, and thinking, "Where on Earth have I come to!!" Raised in Windsor, snow in April just never happens. I'm glad the paths will be clear so that I can ride again tomorrow....assuming no more snowflakes overnight!

On a totally unrelated's a really cool video that Tim sent to me. I think I actually screamed at one point when the guy gets some air between one platform and the next! And watch out for the dog!

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

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