Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swan Lake

About two weeks ago (that's how behind I am with any sort of posts!) Grandma came over with a new ballet outfit for Keira. At Christmas she had made a 'firebird' outfit ad that is Keira's all-time favourite ballet - having watched a couple renditions of it on DVD.

In November I took her to TCU Place to see Swan Lake which was being performed by the Moscow Ballet Company.

Keira is quite certain she is going to be a ballerina teacher when she grows up! She certainly loves to dance - creative (at the U of S School of Dance) and Irish (at Queen Maeve School of Irish Dance) but ballet is certainly her favourite.
We put on the record with the "Swan Lake" music and the performance began. Full of twirls and twists and leaps.

Grandma helped out with a full lift in the air!

Of course the show wouldn't be complete without the splits and a curtsey at the end! Bravo Keira!

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