Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Climbing at the PAC

For the last 5 or so weeks, on Saturdays while Keira is in her creative dance class, Finnegan has been having fun on the climbing wall at the PAC.

Finally last weekend he made it up to the crevice which has been his major goal from the get-go.

He's still a longs ways from the top, so no doubt there will be plenty of climbing days ahead of us. Mom hopes to give it a try one of these evenings with her friend from work!


  1. i have been meaning to make it there with the boys.. theyd love it! is there a drop in fee?

  2. It was $15 to go for the first time and have instruction on how to use the stuff, etc and then after than it is just $5 per kid on Saturdays anytime between 10 am -1 pm. It's good fun!