Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has NOT yet Arrived

March 22nd and the spring bunny has definitely not arrived. Winter wonderland is more like it and the bunny must be hiding somewhere else warm.

Here are a few pics of my trusty Rocky Mountain as I headed home from work today.

It's taken some time to wear in this seat but I'm starting to like it. Never a good sign though when it's got that layer of slow with ice crusted underneath! Kinda like the streets actually...most of the paths have a layer of ice underneath all the fresh snow. Not a great way to ride home. I actually took the streets for most of the way as the traffic created for more slush than ice.

The "Peace" "Love" and "Happiness" stickers have been on this bike since about 1995 when I arrived in Saskatoon!

Tuesdays are always a scramble since as soon as I'm home, Finnegan and I head out to his Ukrainian dance class.

Tonight it was back to snowpants and trudging through the snow drifts.

Once back from dance class, I gobble down a quick supper and head out again to Hot Yoga on 20th to teach the 8 pm class (every other Tuesday night). I teach the 'Hot Foundation' class which is a set series of postures specific to Hot Yoga on 20th.

Dallas offers a great deal for new students to the studio - $20 for unlimited yoga for a week. Who needs to go to Cuba to escape the snow when you can sweat it out here!


  1. You left your Brooks saddle uncovered?



  2. this lady makes nice saddle covers... https://www.randijofab.com/products-page/saddle-covers/saddle-cover/

    and nice to hear you are teaching at hotyogaon20th. i love going there but can hardly find the time to make classes...

  3. Usually I'm pretty good about covering it up with a couple of the plastic bags that I carry in my pannier!

  4. On my fixie get-a-round bike I have a small sturdy plastic bag ever tucked into the rails below the saddle and pull it out to cover the addle whenever I park it - regardless of whether it looks like it might snow or rain - partly just to make it look eff-ugly like the rest of the bike so no one will steal it (the bike or just the saddle)...