Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still Darn Tootin' Cold Out There

Here are a few pictures from the cold ride to work this morning.

Let's here it for clear trails!!!!

Brrrrrr.....it's a cold one out there today!

Sun coming up and mist rising off the river.

Here's the trusty steed - my Rocky Mountain Stratos - 18 years old and still going strong (still with some original parts!). Not a smart idea to have hands out of mittens for any length of time though!

The good thing about Saskatoon is that even though it gets mighty cold here in the winters, the sun is usually always out smiling and the clear blue skies make for really bright days.

Better get to work!!!


  1. I remember that bike. My Rocky Mountain Blizzard is still alive and kicking as well.

  2. It's pretty amazing - even after 18 years, there are still lots of original parts on it too (cranks, bottom bracket, derailer)!!!! I commute to work on it every day.