Sunday, March 6, 2011

Power of Movement - February 27, 2011

Last week, I participated in the Power of Movement Yoga Challenge led by Jan Henrikson, the lovely guru from Joos Yoga Downtown. This was an incredible event organized to raise awareness and support of arthritis and autoimmune research. I certainly wish I had brought my camera to capture an image of the number of people gathered together in Saskatoon for this mega yoga challenge. There must have been about 150 people on their mats last Sunday - so you can imagine the energy in the loft of the Albert Community Centre was pretty amazing. This was the first year the event was hosted in Saskatoon and we had more participants than any of the other ten centres, next to Toronto. Next year's yoga challenge is planned for March 4, 2012.

Later that afternoon, we got the yoga mat out to do a few postures. Keira's favourite is 'hand-to-toe' because that is what "the ballerina's like to do". She is getting pretty good at it too!

Here's mom and daughter both giving it a try!

Here are a couple little videos promoting the Power of Movement that I quite like. Remember - Anyone can do yoga.....

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